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Dear Konami workers,

Boo f#%&ing hoo you did not get vacation. Guess what, all of us lower to middle class workers loose our vacations all of the time. To have write a story about this is so stupid. Seriously it is so illogical. I worked of a grocery store deli for about a year and a half, and I lost a grand total of 28 vacation days. They were all denied. I am not an idiot either; you loose money when you pay for plane tickets and hotel rooms. So guess what I did, I had the business I worked for pay for the tickets and my deposit for the hotel rooms. The corporation did it, however I was still pissed. I am not the only one that has to deal with this. So you Konami workers have to wait a grand whopping total of 2 weeks before you can go on vacation. WOW! I never got my vacation for 3 months; even then it was reduced to three days instead of 7.

Get over it.


P.S. IGN, don't have the title to your article say that they gave up their vacations when they were forced to not take their vacation. They are not some sort of heroes. 

Here is the link to the stupid article. Dumb asses. 


United States
I once had to make a model penis out of clay for health class. I got an F for being immature about it. Odd part, I was trying my hardest to get an "A" and be super serious about it. I guess I cant handle a penis after all.

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